• Applicants must be a natural born female

  • Applicants must be attending a high school or college and must be between the ages 14-24
    Applicant must submit a head-shot with the application (with or without makeup)

Applicant Requirements

Program Participant Requirements

  • Participants must attend at least 80% of workshops & events throughout the program

  • Participants must receive written approval by a parent or legal guardian (if under 18)

  • Parents/Legal Guardians of participants attend one Parent Support Meeting

  • All participants must sign a Photo Release form (Parents/Legal Guardians must sign for the participant if under 18)

  • Participants must be creative and collectively raise $250 each (gofundme is prohibited)

  • Participants must maintain exceptional conduct and behavior in school and during practice. The use of profanity is prohibited at all times

  • Participants will abide by all dress codes instructed by members of the All Natural Pageant Board

  • Any medical issues or concerns must be communicated the application

  • Participants must provide the contact information of parents and/or legal guardian.

  • All Natural Pageant participants must choose a platform of their choice (an area or cause to which she would like to focus and contribute her time)

  • All participants agree that if she is selected as the winner of this pageant, she will not sign a management contract with any individual or corporation, and that she will not give any written or verbal endorsement of any mercantile commodity of commercial organization, nor will she permit any photographs to be used in connection with any advertised commodity or service not associated with this contest unless approved by the All Natural Pageant Board

  • Participants must have reliable transportation

  • Participants must have or have access to a reliable tool for communication (cell phone, email. computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, etc) 

  • Participants must abide by all rules set forth by the Miss All Natural Program even when not at program functions

Pageant Contestants Requirement

  • Contestants will prepare the following for the Pageant

    Interviews, Introduction, Platform Speech, Talent, Formal Wear, On-Stage Question

  • Contestants must adhere to the All Natural rule THE DAY of the pageant (no exceptions will be made) - All Natural is defined by the absence of makeup, hair weaves, extensions, artificial nails, eyelash extensions, body shapers, and cosmetic surgery.