6 Goals Every Woman Should Have in 2019

6 Goals Every Woman Should Have in 2019

Got a case of “new year, same you?” Now that we are two months into the new year, you might be slipping into old habits and breaking your resolution promises. If, however, you wish you’d followed through and made more realistic goals for yourself, consider making some new 2019 intentions--not resolutions--that you can stick with. 

Remember, when creating goals, you should be making them SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. You might have flaked on your old goals because they were too general, unmeasurable, unrealistic, or just not relevant to your life. With almost an entire year ahead of us, let’s fix that!

Check out these six goals that every woman should have in 2019:


1. Volunteer

Volunteering isn’t all about doing something good with your spare time; it’s about creating a network of healthy activities in your life and building yourself up.

Don’t feel pressured to only volunteer for nonprofits. You can also volunteer for extra tasks at work, like heading up the company’s corporate responsibility team. While it might not sound like actual volunteering, it’s an excellent way for you to show leadership in your job and steer your company to doing good in the community. 

You could also take advantage of the upcoming campaign season and volunteer for political organizations and campaigns. It’s a great way to participate in democracy, learn about the issues in your community, and build a network.


2. Find (or become) a mentor

One of the best ways for women to build and share personal growth is through mentorships. Mentors are personal role models who make positive differences in your life. Mentorship can also be an informal relationship, and sometimes, people don’t even realize they have a mentor figure in their life. If you have someone who assumes the responsibility of listening to, offering advice and discussing opportunities, you’ve already found a great mentor! Not only are mentors important for professional growth, but they can help inspire personal growth as well.

You can also volunteer to become a mentor! You’ll be surprised how much knowledge you have that someone else could use. It’s incredibly valuable to have and be a mentor figure through life’s ups and downs.


3. Engage in meditation

Meditation might seem like a boring and uncreative goal to have, but here’s the 2019 twist: walking meditation. Far different from sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed, walking meditation helps the antsier among us engage in active meditation and mindfulness. 

During this type of fitness session, you detach from your phone and other distractions and observe what’s going on around you rather than what’s in your head. Note the different sounds, wafting scents, and the physical sensations. This action helps you connect with the world around you. If you’re not able to go outside, you can still pace around in your home--some meditation is better than no meditation!

Meal prep.jpg

4. Meal prep

Meal prepping may not be a new trend, but it’s something not enough of us are doing. Besides being a good way to eat healthy and keep you married to your diet, meal prep can save you valuable time on a daily basis. In the haste of life, from driving in traffic to being on time for all your different appointments, it’s far too easy to hit the drive through.

Meal prepping can help prevent you from making poor food decisions and gives you a routine that you can follow through with even on your toughest days. It’s also a good way of knowing what you’re consuming for nutritional and medical reasons, in case you have an eating restriction.

Need some help getting started with meal prep? Start with the basics.


5. See a therapist

A healthy body requires a healthy mind. Mental health is a scary topic for many people, and there’s a - decreasing - negative stigma about going to therapy and taking medication. No one should shame you for advocating for yourself and your health.

Find a therapist you can trust and start going to therapy so you can be healthy all around.


6. Love your flaws

Every day, women around the world are growing stronger by turning the flaws they see in the mirror into strengths. You can (and should) be one of them. While it is absolutely fine to use makeup and dress to express yourself, self-love is not optional, and it should be your top priority for the year if you haven’t done so already.

If you need some extra help getting started, be sure to consult our self-love series and glean inspiration from Mya Galloway.

Don’t let these be the only goals you set for 2019. What are some of the things that you want to accomplish? Create a 2019 SMART vision board. No matter where you are in life or what day of the year it is, you still have time and the ability to succeed in what you want to do; it all begins with taking one step forward.

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