6 ALL-NATURAL Ways to Look and Feel More Confident

6 ALL-NATURAL Ways to Look and Feel More Confident



When it comes to natural beauty, nothing can strip that confidence away like baggy eyes, wrinkly skin, and a sleepy mindset. It’s important to have a strict sleep schedule and stick to it, especially around pageant week. Surprisingly, oversleeping can cause the same side effects and make you feel as if you haven't slept at all, so be sure to wake up at a reasonable hour.

During sleep, your skin repairs itself and keeps your skin strong, vibrant, and beautiful. Your blood vessels under your eyes will dilate when you wake yourself up early. 20-minute naps can also be perfect to rejuvenate yourself and make you feel perfect. Take that 20-minute mark seriously though, otherwise, you will enter a deeper sleep and wake up groggy.

The best tips to effective beauty sleep start with taking a relaxing warm shower, throwing on a comfy robe and crawling into bed about 20 minutes before bedtime. Try to stay away from the tv or phones during this time, because the light can make you restless.


By simply eating right, you can not only cut off a lot of normal skin concerns, but prep your skin and natural beauty to stay youthful for longer. Eating well will also keep any concerns of gaining or losing too much weight at bay and keep your hair strong and voluptuous.

The right diet can make all of the difference. You will want to center all of your foods around essential nutrients, minerals, and fatty acids. There are some awesome foods with unique traits too. For example, watermelons and tomatoes hold loads of lycopene. This antioxidant helps protect and heal your skin from UV damage! Keep in mind, it will not be nearly as effective as regular sunscreen and it’s still important to protect your skins from the sun’s harmful rays. Pomegranates are perfect for preventing wrinkly, dry skin with its vitamin c superpowers. Lastly, lobster is a great option for skin blemishes and problems. The zinc is what helps your skins renew faster!

Many women tend to crash diet or use body shapers before big events. This is one of the unhealthiest ways to diet and it often makes you feel tired. Crash dieting can cause fatigue and sometime even nausea, which definitely won’t help you feel more confident!





Many of us would be surprised to find out that exercising not only affects our physique but has a major effect on our complexion and mood as well. Have you ever worked out and noticed your face is a bit more flush than normal? Little did you know that from your exercise, your body is supplying your skin with some healthy, oxidized blood.

Exercising will also help maintain your stress levels, and this is linked directly with your skin. Regulating your stress through exercise will stave off wrinkles and sagging. Instead it gives you firm, supple skin. Not to mention, the blood flow is beneficial for acne by drawing toxins out of the body and correcting hormonal imbalance. There really is nothing quite like the self-confidence you have after a workout.


Think of yoga and meditation as the glue that ties in mental, physical and emotional health. Yoga and meditation helps dramatically reduce stress while helping you maintain a healthy physique. This means that meditating a bit before bed is going to help you fall asleep much easier.

Yoga will help keep your digestive tract healthy for when you eat, which means more nutrients entering your blood and less change for bloating. Lastly, yoga is definitely considered great exercise. All of the benefits for yoga and meditation all come together to help you discover your natural beauty!





Body language not only affects those around you, but it also can affect your own mood. Walking around with a smile on your face might feel awkward, but chances are you’ll attract more good energy. In fact, research shows that smiling can trick your brain into feeling happier.

Another easy way to look and feel more confident is by taking note of your posture. Maintaining good posture and sitting up straight can change the way you look and feel. About 80% of one’s communication stems from non-verbal actions and the way they hold themselves. It’s no secret as to why people say to hold your head high.


Life is stressful at times. That’s no secret. With pageants, school, work and other responsibilities calling your name, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Take some time to yourself to unwind and relax. Whether that’s finding space to meditate or binging your favorite Netflix show, make sure you put aside time for yourself. Before each pageant day, look yourself in the mirror and appreciate the all-natural beauty you can promote.

Having the confidence to present yourself in an all-natural way is something to be proud of. It’s a great way to role model to young girls that you are born in your most beautiful state. With these tips, it’s easy to look and feel more confident every day!


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