Fashion on a Teen's Budget

Fashion on a Teen's Budget

Want to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends but short on cash? A thrifty wallet and an eye for a good deal will help you find the perfect wardrobe for your style. Kick it in style with these fashionable - budget friendly - ways to keep your closet fresh and your wallet loaded.


Thrift stores

Going thrift shopping is like opening a portal to the past. You can find tons of good treasures that are coming back into style. Be a trendsetter by finding unique pieces that will make your outfits pop. Finding clothes in thrift stores is a bit like treasure hunting and putting a new spin on an old item. Sometimes you can even get so lucky as to find brand-new clothes tucked into the depths of a thrift store. Jackpot! Plus, you’ll save big bucks by buying clothes from a thrift store instead of straight off the rack.

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online shopping

Get your hands on endless clothing choices all in one place. Online shopping is a fashion game-changer. Shop your favorite stores from the comfort of your room - no need to go through all the hassle of sitting in traffic while driving to the mall, sifting through the crowds and hoping you stumble across the perfect outfit. You’ll save on gas money and valuable time and end up with a fresh new wardrobe. Just hop online and let the shopping spree begin. You can also find items online that you wouldn’t find in stores. Keep an eye out for promo codes and free shipping!


Clothes swap

Have you always wished you had some of the cute clothes you see your friends sporting? Well now you can! Make a party out of shopping and revamp your outfits all for free alongside your best buds. Get your friends together for a clothing swap party! Have all your friends clean out their closet and gather the clothes they don’t really wear anymore, and then meet up for a fun night of “shopping”. Supply pizza, snacks and a unique mocktail for a night of fun. You can all swap your unwanted clothes until you end up with some fun new pieces!


upcycle old clothes

If your budget is low but your creative is high, you may already have the tools you need to spice up your wardrobe. Go through your closet and gather the pieces you have tired of, or haven’t worn in a year. Be careful not to grab any clothes from your friends clothing swap unless you are sure they won’t want them back! Take to Pinterest and look up some fun designs, grab some scissors and a sewing kit and have at it! With a little DIY help, you can totally transform your clothes into new styles that are all the rage.


Buy Clothes Off of Selling Apps

In addition to online shopping, there are apps popping up left and right where you can buy or sell gently used clothing. Since you are working directly with the buyer instead of a store, you can also negotiate a lower price. Simply create a profile on an app like Poshmark or LetGo then search for the items you want nearby your area. Make sure you stay safe and a parent goes with you to pick up your clothes!


Shop For Savings

Keep an eye out on brand name stores clearance racks. Old Navy always has a clearance section where discounted clothes can be as cheap as $.99. You can fill up a whole cart of clothes for under $30, and if you time it right, get cash back to spend at the store later on. Kohl’s also boasts a pretty hefty clearance section and will give you Kohl’s Cash for nearly every purchase. Who doesn’t love free money to shop with? The Last Chance Rack at Macy’s has brand name clothing at 60-80% off its original sale price. Hold off on buying clothes once they first hit the rack since most items will end up on sale in a matter of weeks. Your wallet will thank you for waiting until the discounts are active!


Give your wardrobe a full makeover without wiping out your budget and head back to school ready to rock your style. Getting thrifty might even become your new hobby and your friends will be dying to know where you got your outfits!


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