We Are Women by Mya Galloway

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This is to the strong and beautiful women, 

whose true beauty is hidden, 

that lies beneath the skin, 

the substance that is within. 


Knowledge and opinion that needs to be shared, 

to the ones that are insecure and scared. 

We are women, we fight for our rights, 

even if our goal is not in sight. 


We stand together, united
With power and force, ignited 

An opportunity always awaits
And it's ours to take. 


We are women, confident and stable,

like god made us to be,  

We are women, to pretty and to fine, 

to let a man waste our time. 


Take the time to beautify yourselves, 

stare at your reflection for hours, 

give your self the power. 

To stand up tall, 

we are queens, 

we never let our crowns fall. 


We are women. 

We are queens. 

We are strong, confident, and filled persistence.

We are women for the rest of existence.

-Mya Galloway

Vernisha Crawford