Congratulations! We just made history!


Congratulations To The World's FIRST Miss All Natural Pageant Contestants!


Introducing Our Queen! Miss All Natural Teen 2017, Raven Taylor. 


Raven is a Junior at CPCC Middle College.  Her favorite thing to do is go sightseeing at the beach and mountains.  Raven's favorite quote is: You can't change your situation, but you can change your outcome."

Raven's platform is titled, Break The Cycle". This platform is all about informing and preventing teenagers about drug addiction. In a time where society accepts the use of addictive drugs, we need to break the cycle. Too many teens think certain drugs are okay, when in reality it's just paving the way to harder drugs. From personal experiences, Raven knows the detrimental effects on the families of drug addicts. Everyone of all ages should know the dangers and consequences of drugs, but if we can help stop drugs in this generation, it helps the next generation and so on. All it takes is one mistake to ruin your plans for your future. Raven plans to help the kids suffering from addiction seek help and know that they aren't alone. She also plan to help stop the wide acceptance of the "okay" drugs. No drug is "okay" and our teens need to know this. Raven plans to collaborate with the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Foundation for a Drug- Free world.  

Vernisha Crawford