“My life is like that of a butterfly’s. At first, I crawl, learning and growing. Soft and naïve. The harsh realities of life surround me and cause pain. This pain turns the world into my enemy. I curl up in a ball to think, deeply and with these deep thoughts; I recover and mature. I open up to the realization that a transformation has taken place. I see things differently. My softness has strengthened. The pain has eased. I am light. I embrace the world as my friend, full of opportunity."

I wrote that poem when I was just 18 years young. 10 years later, it still applies to my life.

As a young woman seeking to understand and love herself in a world that tells her not to,        you will often times find yourself questioning who you are, changing what you like, and contradicting yourself. There will be times that you are sad for no distinct reason or confused about everything you are learning. More importantly, you will find yourself battling with the person you want to be and the person you are destined to be.

Hear me and hear me well...

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Never stop asking yourself or anyone questions

Continue to adjust. Continue to learn. Continue to grow.

The REINVENTION of self is necessary in order you to be the person you are destined to be, your own version of a butterfly.





Vernisha Crawford