That Mirror

I looked for confidence.  I know its in there, but I’m waiting for it to ooze out of my pores even with my matte foundation. When you see me walk the streets, I want you to see my head so high that cloud nine rests on my cheeks. Such a sweet desire. But then I realized where it was missing: that mirror. You can’t see something that I don’t see in myself first. 

When I look at my reflection, am I seeing beauty in my unshaped eyebrows? Am reaching for a tape measure to count length or depth of growing stretch marks? I can contour the cheekbone with luminescent highlight, but I need that highlight in my eyes. I have to stop spending time hating my imperfections but fall in love with them.  Before I enter the world, I have to see my beauty, strength, resilience, and power. 

The Queen B told us “you wake up flawless”. My flaws aren’t the same as yours and that is ok. I don’t need a filter and neither do you. So the first good morning I will hear is from my lips. Lipstick or not, I will #SLAY my day and walk through the world with so much confidence that I am Flawless, flaws and all.  I challenge you to do the same.

Author: Blogger, Brittani Harris, Founder of HerCurves HerStory
Vernisha Crawford