Welcome To "A Natural Note" Blog

Welcome. I am delighted to introduce to the world the Miss All Natural Pageant and our blog, "A Natural Note". 

I grew up in a small town right outside of Charlotte, NC, with my mother, father, five brothers, and four sisters. We were faithful church goers. We went so often that church became our everything outside of school. Being African American, it was rare to find a large family like mine especially without any problem children. All ten of the Crawford kids were great students and well-mannered. The Church kept us out of trouble. 

Then we became adults. I became a woman. No longer living underneath the roof of my parents and no longer submerged in The Church. I was out in the world, on my own, lost and confused. I found myself going through life asking myself questions like..what is love? what is self-respect? who can I call my friend? why am I making poor decisions? why does SHE hate me? why doesn't HE like me? what does it mean to be a woman? who am I? what am I doing? am I beautiful?

Despite my growing up in The Church, I learned many lessons the hard way and I now know that life would have been less complicated had  I simply understood what it truly meant to be a woman. A female in love with herself. A lady who respected other women like she would her mother.

Focusing of Self-Love, Collaboration, & Support., Miss All Natural Pageant will develop the understanding of womanhood within our young women, BEFORE they enter into the world of adulthood. With notes from practice, meetings, powerful art images, poetry, and notes from our leaders, partners, and sponsors, "A Natural Note" will encourage, uplift, and guide our young ladies through the insecurities, obstacles, and lessons of womanhood, without any EXTRA physical enhancements..

Follow along as we take A Natural Note through our journey. 

Thank You,

Founder, Vernisha Crawford

Vernisha Crawford