Miss All Natural shifts the focus of young ladies from external pressures to personal development in hopes increase interest and opportunities in STEM, Criminal Justice, and Mental Health fields. Miss All Natural caters to female students, ages 14-24. Miss All Natural dedicates 8-12 weeks to building mental capacity, increasing self-love and promoting collaboration amongst peers to bridge the gap between social/emotional health and personal economic success. Upon completion, participants have the option to compete in a pageant ALL NATURAL; earning the chance to win a $2500 educational scholarship.

(All Natural is defined by the absence of makeup, hair weaves, extensions, artificial nails, eye lash extensions, body shapers, & cosmetic surgery.)

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We define self-love as the willingness to invest in one's self to become better.

As a summer program, a large portion will be dedicated to delivering impactful workshops that will unveil a young woman's value and worth by introducing personal development practices and activities. 

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We define collaboration as a group of individuals coming together to achieve a common goal

This principle was created to expose the greatness that can take place when women, individuals and organizations within the community collaborate.

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We define support as building, uplifting, and protecting others without expecting anything in return. 

In hopes to build a community we will maximize our efforts to help increase exposure for cause both local and national. Each year we will join forces in promoting and bringing awareness to a community initiative.